The History of Quartz Co.


Hiverna outerwear company is founded.

Yves Trudeau joins Hiverna as a business associate.


Trudeau sells Hiverna to start a new outerwear company called Quartz Nature.

Quartz Nature provides jackets for renowned expedition teams, airline staff and the Canadian Police Corp.

One of the most popular coats is the Vostok (this coat is still a part of our collection today).


Trudeau sells Quartz Nature to brothers Jean-Philippe and François-Xavier Robert.

With a new creative and management team on board, the focus is to modernize the brand. The company is rebranded as Quartz Co. and reinvents the classic parka that was first designed by Quartz Nature in 1997.

Quartz Co. gets more press coverage than ever with its new branding, edited collection and younger management team.

Quartz Co. is available in 100 stores across five countries. The team is made up of 16 employees.


Quartz Co.’s first official jacket line launches. Identifying a need for a new generation of modern, high-quality outerwear featuring timeless design and performance and employing sustainable practices, Quartz Co. introduces its first collection, Classic, as an ode to the core of what the company was founded on.   

In constant innovation, Quartz Co. discovered a natural insulation made in Quebec from a plant called Milkweed. The design team finds an opportunity to create an exclusive line of parkas insulated with this plant. The Milkweed collection gains a lot of attention as it’s breathable, warm, ultra-light, ecological, hypoallergenic and antibacterial and contributes to the survival of the monarch butterfly.

The company launches its e-commerce website.

The Canadian brand is distributed in France, Germany, the USA, Russia and Hong Kong.

Quartz Co. is available in 150 stores across eight countries.


The brand is distributed in France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the USA, Russia, Hong Kong and Norway.

Quartz Co. doubles its retail footprint. It’s available in 200 stores, including Paragon Sports, Ferner Jacobsen, Journal Standard and Boon the Shop, across 10 countries.


The brand launches Transition, its first spring/summer collection.

Quartz Co. creates a more fashion-forward winter collection called Edition. Inspired by street fashion, the collection is designed to adapt to any wardrobe.

The company participates in international trade shows, including Pitti Uomo (Florence), Premium (Berlin) and ISPO (Munich). The brand is distributed in France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the USA, Russia, Hong Kong, Norway and Switzerland. Quartz Co. is available in 250 stores, including Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, across 16 countries.


The company purchases two factories in Quebec (Canada), which makes a total of three, allowing the brand to continue to offer high-quality products.

The brand is distributed in France, Germany, Japan, Korea, the USA, Russia, Hong Kong, Norway, Switzerland, Italy, Denmark, Greece and Spain.

Quartz Co. triples its retail footprint and is available in over 300 stores, including Beams, Jelmoli and Breuninger, across 20 countries.

Quartz Co. has more than 100 employees and is continuing to grow.